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  Conditions       Conditions  

- Our prices include:

  • The lodging in the house.
  • The normal consumption of electricity, water and heating.
  • Firewood until the provided initial amount.
  • Clothes of bed and bath and cleaning before the arrival.

- The only interpretation genuine of the services included in the price will be the one that offers the company, reason why it requests the client who in case of doubt consults to the same one.

- The day of arrival I will be due to pay the amount of 200 euros for guarantee that I will be given back once finalizes the stay and after verifying the house that I will have to be in the conditions in which it was given. The return I will be made in the period maximum of 72 hours after of the exit and to the account number that the client I will have facilitated previously.

- The house I will be confirmed when 30% of the total amount are deposited in the account number that I will facilitate myself later like concept of the reserve.

- The payment of the totality will be made to the entrance in the house.

- In case of cancellation of the reserve   will come myself to the return according to the had thing in the Decree of Law of the 15 September of 1978 that governs this resolution, being established of the following way:

  • 30 days ahead of the use of the lodging 95% of the reserve.
  • Between 30 and 7 days before the use of the lodging 50% of the reserve.
  • 6 days before the entrance in the lodging not will give back the reserve.

- The cancellation on the part of the client will be (fax, email) and will be effective always in writing as of the date of reception of he himself.

- The client is total and exclusively responsible to make the declaration correct of the number of people that is to occupy the house when doing the reserve without omitting the children nobodies who are their ages.

- The company reserves the right to admit the entrance of those declared people and even not to evacuate them, being no claim some by that cause.

- The collection of keys to the entrance I will always take place before the 22 hours unless another thing between both parts remembers.

- Animals are not allowed.

- The second and successive loads of firewood are not including in the price.

- The irregularities or deficiencies that the client can find in the lodging must to be communicated as soon as possible. All conducted claim after to leave the elementary lodging  could not be taken care of to lack the month criteria that could transact this claim.

- Book for claims in to disposition of the clients Exist.

- The house I will be in perfect state of use and cleaning at the moment of the occupation.

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